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About Us

Yancy & Associates, Inc. (YAI) was founded in February 1994 by President and CEO Darren G. Yancy, Sr as an Exclusive Agency for the Nationwide Insurance Enterprise. It is one of the charter companies of the Yancy Insurance & Consulting Group, LP (YICGLP) also known as Yancy Companies. The agency specialized in personal property & casualty insurance as well as the sale of registered securities. The operation added commercial insurance in 1997 and business brokering in 2003. Real Estate was added in 2004 under the trade name Texas Investment Properties primarily to accommodate real estate backed business brokering with larger and more complex transactions. To help facilitate this decision and streamline the operation, the company cancelled its contract with Nationwide Insurance in 2010 and moved all remaining insurance clients and operations to its sister independent agency Yancy Insurance & Financial Services, a division of The Yancy Group, Inc., which is also owned by YICGLP. Carol Gomez Yancy is president of The Yancy Group, Inc.

The company is organized as a C-Corporation under the laws of Texas,  and is a wholly owned subsidiary of YICGLP. YAI has several divisions that span the strata of industries the firm and its principle have experience in. The company is a licensed Real Estate Agency, conducts business brokerage for select clients, offers risk management services, and general consulting by company President Darren Yancy.

The company also has an division the specializes in renewable energy based products & systems, through its license agreement with Windstrument, Incorporated (formerly Unified Energies International, Inc.). Verdo Data, a renewable energy based data center platform, will be introduced by Fall 2017. Darren Yancy also handles this division.

In 2013, the company filed for its Class 1 Federal Firearms License as a weapons dealer under the trade name Tejas Arms, Ammo, and Accessories. This division specializes in the retail distribution of specialty weapons for Law Enforcement and hard to find items such as Implements of War for specialty weapons collectors.  Please refer to its tab for more information.

The freight brokerage division handles dedicated freight contracts between shippers and motor carriers.

Yancy International Trading Company, Inc. (YITC)
was established in 2012 and is responsible for all international transactions outside of the United States. YITC is organized under the International Business Companies Act of Belize.  

Personal Profile of Darren G Yancy, Sr.
Darren has been in sales, marketing, and management for over 34 years. He has been active in the insurance and financial services sector for the past 24 years as CEO/President for YAI and Managing Partner for YICGLP. Darren has been responsible in the company for operations, risk assessment & management, underwriting, brokering, organization of insurance captives, claims management, business brokerage, commercial real estate sales, project development, as well as raising capital for client projects.

Darren also serves on the Board of Directors for UEI as head of Government Relations and Project Development. He is the company liaison with state, federal, and international governments for the purpose of maintaining and improving renewable technology policies. Darren is also responsible for new projects using licensed UEI technologies.

Prior to his start up of this business, Darren served as National Sales Trainer for Brinks Home Security where he traveled the US opening new offices and training staff in existing offices.

Darren was educated to be an institutional investment banker from the University of Texas at Arlington School of Business, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance with a minor in Accounting. Darren holds professional licenses as a General Lines Insurance Broker, Managing General Agent, Property & Casualty Adjuster, as well as a commercial Real Estate Broker. Darren was a Registered Representative from 1995 to 2007. Darren is the presiding officer on the firms Federal Firearms License and is also on 2 additional Federal Firearm Licenses for manufacture and import with our sister company The Yancy Group, Incorporated.

Darren's political career began in 2009 with the election of President Barack Obama and the destructive path of the Administration and the 111th Congress. Darren originally began to campaign for the Texas Congressional District 17 race in 2009. However, the loss of an eminent domain lawsuit to gas producer XTO made the sale of his property impossible and a potential move to Washington DC out of the question. Darren dropped out of the race and entered the Texas Senate District 22 race where he faced a 16 year incumbent. Darren uncovered a major scandal involving the incumbent and a nasty race ensued. Darren lost a close primary race to the incumbent while being outspent over 20 to 1. However, the scandal forced the incumbent to resign. A Special Election was held to replace the disgraced Senator. Darren, out of money and exhausted from the primary, was not able to compete well in the Special Election. 9/11 Survivor of the Pentagon crash Col. Brian Birdwell stepped up and took the Special Election and has been serving Texas proudly ever since.

While his initial attempt at public office did not favor as well as he had hoped, Darren gained the attention of both the State and National Republican Parties. He has since been recruited to campaign for several public office positions, including the newly formed Texas Congressional District 25. However, Darren will not commit to any position or timeline for a new campaign currently. His current focus is spending time with his family and growing his and Carol's businesses.

Darren has a political blog that he writes on a weekly to bi-weekly basis at www.darrenyancy.com .

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