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Truck Talk - The Automotive Edge Radio Show

Originally started as the Texas Car Clinic  in 2003, Kurt Chase began a new concept in the buying/selling/trading and financing of new cars. After nearly 2 decades in the car business, Kurt wanted a better way. The idea was to make the consumer experience better in all phases of a car transaction process.

What started as a small idea quickly grew into a large radio following. In 2007, the show was rebranded
The Automotive Edge Radio Show. The topics began to expand into repair & maintenance, body shops, insurance, outside dealership financing, as well as straight talk on quality of cars in the marketplace. While the focus began on the consumer side of the equation, sponsors have found Kurt’s show to be of profound benefit to their businesses. The average tenure of sponsor for The Automotive Edge since being branded in 2007 is 8 years. That means a win-win format has been created for consumers and sponsors.

Today, Kurt’s show reaches between 30000 and 35000 listeners on each segment of his show.
The Automotive Edge is on Cumulus Networks of ESPN/KTCK/WBAP and heard from 9 to 11am each Saturday.

In 2014, Kurt launched a second show,
Chasing the Truth, heard on the iheartradio Network. The shows airs on KXFR 1190am and is syndicated nationally for those with the iheartradio App. The show current reaches around 30000 listeners per segment believed to come over from The Automotive Edge. The show was founded to expand the audience from The Automotive Edge with car and non-car topics due to limited time within the Cumulus Radio Network.

Beginning February 1, 2019, this time slot will be re-branded to
The Automotive Edge due to agreements reached between Kurt and Cumulus allowing the name to be used on non-Cumulus networks. 

Starting February 1, 2019 Kurt will be expanding the The Automotive Edge Radio Show and creating a new segment called Truck Talk. The segment will focusing on the transportation sector and all relevant topics to it and how they impact the everyday driver listening to the show.

Darren will be the host of the segment, bringing his 20 plus years of trucking sector expertise to the show. Darren first began coming on the show in 2009 as Kurt's Insurance Expert and has been heard on both The Automotive Edge Radio Show as well as Kurt's show - Chasing The Truth. 

For sponsorship opportunities for the segment or the show, contact Darren at dy@yicglp.com. 


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